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My work is based on practical, theoretically sound knowledge critical of racism and includes content-related teaching and learning methods. It is aimed at companies and educational institutions as well as private individuals. All training courses are offered face-to-face and digital / hybrid.

Anti-racism training  / anti-racism education / power sharing

People without experience of racism learn prejudices (racist socialized knowledge)  to reflect on Black people and people of color. It is important to talk about your own privileges and to make their effectiveness visible.

In order to break down racist structures together, I want white people to critically reflect on their own privileges and develop a power-critical attitude towards their own role in the dominant society. This is the only way to strengthen those affected and to break out of racist and discriminatory structures. Empowerment and power sharing/allyship are therefore important concepts and theoretical reference points for me when dealing with diversity and equal treatment.  

My work has an anti-racist and intersectional claim. All other discrimination mechanisms are taken into account; in relation to racism.

In some workshops I work with co-trainers or awareness people, depending on the size of the group and the topic.

Seminars / workshops with the following focal points can be requested:

  • Prejudice and racism

  • Institutional - Structural Racism in:

    • School - "Awareness in the classroom, staff room"

    • daycare

    • institutions

    • healthcare system

    • media

  • Everyday racism

  • Racism-critical social work with people with refugee backgrounds and BPoC

  • Anti-Muslim racism and its mechanisms from a psychoanalytic point of view & symbolic racism

  • Racism and its history

  • Intersectionality

  • Allyship and Alliances

  • Critical whiteness

  • Negotiation fields of power sharing



Rassismuskritische Bildung

Empowerment Training

The workshop takes place in the Safer Space with the aim of strengthening BPoC by sharing the same or similar experiences of racism, passing on information, current knowledge and showing options for action in the case of experiences of racism in connection with other forms of discrimination.  

My empowerment work is based on a power-critical concept based on a tradition of struggles by marginalized groups. It is about self-empowerment, political rights, access to resources and a change in social and structural power relations as well as empowerment work according to Kechaja, Haug, Jackson, Kashefipour, Strähle and Yupanqui-Werner.  

In some workshops I work together with co-trainers, depending on the size of the group and the topic.





Mediation is a confidential, structured process in which the parties voluntarily and independently strive for an amicable settlement of their conflict.  With the help of one or more mediators, the parties make decisions together based on their understanding of themselves, that of the other, and the realities around them.

Racism and racist reproduction in the workplace, in the hallway, among colleagues damage the working atmosphere and projects can even fail as a result. As a mediator, my work therefore has an anti-racist and intersectional claim and strives for solution processes based on raising awareness of power relations - power inequality. In addition, I often work in the presence of awareness people who can intervene in the event of non-compliance with the jointly agreed rules of conduct or who can support and accompany BPoC - people who have experienced racism.


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